Sunday, February 5, 2012

Digital Learning; What Kids Really Want But Will They Really Use?

I was reading an article that talked about what students really want in terms of technology and education. Mostly it was tools that included online tutoring, chat rooms for social peer interaction,digital online assessment tools,ability to download resources to mobile devices and virtual labs and lessons. The question popped in my mind, this is what kids want but will they really use it without being required to use it by their teachers. It made me think of the countless classes i have taken where my textbook comes with a code that provides access to resources like the above. Maybe once or twice i utilized the online practice tests and study guide but if i didn't have a professor tell me it was mandatory, i didn't really bother. Will students, especially middle school and high school students not paying for their education, take advantage of the technological resources provided to them without being told to do so?   


  1. Hey Travis,
    I agree with this. Especially in high school I feel like most students, including me, were getting especially lazy and would never go beyond the classroom to further work on the material. I don't even know if most kids would even want these opportunities in high school and middle school because it puts even more of the responsibility on them.

  2. Good point, Travis. I always wondered if students utilized the "free access" they had when they bought a text book. I think it really depends on the interest the student has in the subject.

    When you ask if students will take advantage of technological resources, are you simply referring to website as such, or tech in general?