Sunday, February 26, 2012


While reading through Kajder, I happened upon a site that seemed really interesting to me, especially since we've been talking in class about online resources that can help both the teacher and student in the classroom collaboratively, Diigo.  The book does a good job of explaining how it works, starting on page 65.  Basically, it's a way you can highlight certain things off the web, such as excerpts from articles that may be prevalent to a lesson you are teaching in the classroom, and sharing it with your students.  This is a great video I found that improves on the introduction given by the book, and shows how it can be yet another resource that help teachers in the technology age.

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  1. So this was one of those resources that I just browsed over and ignored but I watched the video that you had up and it seems super awesome. The thing I like about it best is how you can access it anywhere, making it easy to show to people and share with others. Especially as English majors I think this is a great resource for us.