Sunday, April 15, 2012

Graduate Programs: Online or In the Classroom

My girlfriend is currently looking at furthering her education by going for her graduate degree in Social Work. She has decided on Edinboro University's advanced standing program online. She felt that it would be easier for her to work full time and  still go to school by going online. Originally when she first started looking at programs she was torn between going to an actual classroom or going online. She had asked several people there opinions including two of her former professors. Her professors were against pursuing her degree online and told her it would better educationally for her to go to a classroom. Her current supervisor at her job received his Master's online in Psychology and said that he has never had anyone ever ask where he received his degree from or what his GPA was just that if he had the degree. He said he was even picked to get a job over someone who went to the classroom for the same degree. He said that it may not necessarily matter where you received your degree as long as you have the degree and the necessary experience.  My girlfriend will start classes in the summer and I know she will do great regardless of where the actual learning (online or in the classroom) will take place.

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  1. Interesting. I feel that I would still rather take classes in the classroom rather than online. I am taking a class online this summer so I guess that will help to inform my opinion on the matter.