Sunday, April 22, 2012

Helpful Tips on Reducing Stress

It's that time of year again, the end of the semester. A time when we kick ourselves for letting that procrastination sneak up on us resulting in lock ins at the library pulling all nighters and drinking endless amounts of coffee and energy drinks. Here's a few helpful tips to help us keep that end of the semester stress at a minimum. Tip 1-Get away from the stress! Take some you time, go for a walk. a drive, anything to give your mind a break. Tip 2-Take a few minutes and do absolutely nothing, don't check your email, don't check your phone, just sit and relax. Tip 3-Spend 15-20 minutes doing something fun. Watch some YouTube videos, read a magazine, play a video game, call up a family member or friend to chat. Tip 4-Get some exercise. Go for a jog, a bike ride, play a game of basketball with friends or try a new class at the gym. Tip 5-Attend a sporting event or watch one on TV at a friends house or a Sport's Bar and Grill. Relax and enjoy your time away. Tip 6-Make a list of everything you have to get done and write it all down. It helps you get things done, keeps you on task and helps you feel accomplished! Best of Luck!

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  1. Making lists is one of the best ways that I deal with stress. Everything due all at once can be incredibly overwhelming and it makes it seem easier to handle if it's all written down a paper. Plus, my favorite part is getting things done so that I can finally cross them off of the list!